Have Amazon just killed Prime Video?

Amazon are introducing ads to there Prime video platform which has upset a lot of people.

I like and prefer Amazon prime over other Netflix. The streaming quality is better and I also think the content is better personally. But now I am seriously thinking about cancelling Prime with the new introduction of ads. Ads should never be introduced on an already paid tier!

I also preferred prime because they have made a lot of moves that have been praised by many to be fair, such as consistently adding updates and providing more free content for everyone to enjoy. They have enhanced other aspects of the Prime membership to offer even more benefits as well. However, their latest decision to introduce a new prime video fee is causing quite a stir and rightly so.

In the UK, ads will start to be shown on prime video content from the 5th February 2024.

The Reasoning Behind the Fee

Amazon claims that the fee is necessary in order to continue investing in compelling content and to increase their investment over a long period of time. However, this reasoning seems questionable to me as it ultimately boils down to their desire to make even more money by adding advertisements on an already paid tier!

Implications for Current Prime Members

The new prime video fee will affect current prime members as well. Currently, the Amazon prime video membership costs £8.99 a month in the UK. Please note that pricing may vary based on location. The prime membership offers a lot more than just prime video. It includes free delivery and prime music as well. However, one of the main reasons people opt for this membership is for prime video, which is now going to include ads.

Netflix's Influence

Netflix has already introduced an ad tier and an ad-free tier, with the former being the cheapest option. Amazon seems to be following in their footsteps by defaulting all prime video users, regardless of their membership, to watch ads while consuming content. 

The exact number of ads is yet to be disclosed, but it is expected to be similar to Netflix. To remove these ads, users will need to pay an additional £2.99 a month.

The Impact on Amazon's Reputation

By introducing ads into prime video, Amazon is making a risky move that may alienate their customer base. Most people do not want to watch ads, especially when they are already paying for a premium service. While it is understandable to have different tiers of prime video for non-members, this decision affects those who were planning to purchase the prime membership.

Now, these potential customers may opt for prime video alone and pay the extra £2.99, as they may not use Amazon for shopping frequently. Consequently, Amazon is not only alienating more customers but also weakening their position in the streaming market compared to competitors like Netflix who offer an ad-free experience.

Final Thoughts On Amazon Prime Ads

The new prime video fee introduced by Amazon is a controversial move that has raised concerns among users. With the addition of ads and the increased cost to remove them, many prime video users may reconsider the value of their membership. 

Amazon's claim that the fee is necessary to invest in compelling content and increase their investment over time seems questionable, considering the benefits they already gain from owning the licensing rights to the content. 

Ultimately, this decision may negatively impact Amazon's reputation and user base. Whether users choose to keep their prime membership or cancel it in light of this change remains to be seen.

Are you thinking of cancelling Amazon Prime? Or does it not bother you?

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