Griselda Blanco: Godmother of Cocaine

Sofia Vergara and Griseldo Blanco side by side

If you haven't watched Netflix's new show about Griselda Blanco, simply titled Griselda, I highly recommend it. I remember watched the Pablo Escobar one on Netflix and loving it, and was really looking forward to Griseldo, and I wasn't disappointed. But let's talk about the real Griselda Blanco!

Griseldo Blanco - Godmother

Griselda Blanco, the renowned cocaine godmother,certainly left a mark on the world of drug trafficking. With various nicknames like "La Madrina," "The Boss," and "The Black Widow," Griselda was a force to be reckoned with.

Her innovative methods in the drug trade set her apart from the rest. In a genius move to outsmart the authorities, Griselda established her own lingerie factory, producing undergarments equipped with concealed pockets. These ingenious creations allowed female smugglers to transport cocaine discreetly, evading detection with ease.

She wasn't just known for her business savvy either; she also had a dark side. Law enforcement agencies suspected her involvement in multiple murders, including those of her three husbands. Her ruthlessness and determination were unmatched.

She also took immense pride in living the high life. In fact, she admired the legendary fictional gangster, Michael Corleone, so much that she named one of her sons after him.

Griselda Blanco's Life and Criminal Activities

Griselda Blanco was born in Cartagena, Colombia on February 15th, 1943. At a young age, she relocated to Medellin, Colombia with her mother. This is where her journey into a life of crime began.

By the age of 11, Griselda allegedly kidnapped a young boy and took his life when his affluent parents failed to pay the ransom. Talk about starting young!

Then at the age of 12, Griselda turned to prostitution and pickpocketing. She was already making a name for herself in the criminal underworld.

She later married Carlos Trujillo, an alleged pimp and document forger, at the age of 13. They had three sons together, but their marriage was not built to last. Conflicts arose between them regarding their expanding criminal empire, leading to their divorce and, ultimately, Trujillo's murder orchestrated by Griselda herself.

After divorcing Trujillo, Griselda entered into a relationship with Alberto Bravo, who was involved in cocaine trafficking. They relocated to Queens, New York, and used his clothing import company as a cover for their illicit activities. Nothing like a little fashion and drugs, right?

Not content with just being a drug trafficker, Griselda took things to the next level by establishing her own lingerie factory in Colombia. But this wasn't just any lingerie factory – it specialized in garments with concealed pockets for drug smuggling purposes. Talk about multitasking!

In 1975, Griselda and Alberto Bravo's illegal activities caught up with them. They were apprehended, along with 150 other individuals, and charged with conspiring to produce, smuggle, and distribute cocaine in the United States. 

After escaping from federal investigators, she and Alberto Bravo returned to Colombia, ready to resume their illegal operations. However, their reunion took a deadly turn. Griselda shot Bravo, resulting in his death, while she herself sustained a gunshot wound to the stomach. 

After Bravo's demise, Griselda seized complete control over their cocaine enterprise. She was now the queen bee of the drug world, ruling with an iron fist and a bulletproof lingerie.

In 1978, Griselda entered into her third marriage, this time with Dario Sepulveda. Together, they had a son named Michael Corleone Blanco. 

After her third marriage, Griselda and her family secretly returned to the United States and settled in Miami. She continued to exercise her dominance over her cartel, making sure everyone knew who was in charge.

One of the most infamous incidents in Griselda's reign of terror took place in July 1979 at the Dadeland Mall. During a shootout, two of Griselda's hired killers took the lives of two innocent bystanders. The incident caused widespread panic and fear in the Miami community, as it was a brazen display of violence in a public place. Griselda's reign of terror was marked by countless acts of violence and brutality, as she sought to maintain her power and control over the drug trade in Miami.

Despite rumors of a mentor-mentee relationship between Griselda and Pablo Escobar, it is believed that Escobar himself feared her. In fact, he allegedly stated, "The only man I was ever afraid of was a woman named Griselda Blanco'', which is shown at the start of the Netflix show. 

Griselda's captivating life story has been brought to the screen before. Katherine Zeta Jones portrayed her in the Lifetime movie "Cocaine Godmother," and now Sofia Vergara stars in the Netflix series "Griselda".

What Happened To Griselda Blanco?

In 1985, Blanco was arrested in connection with drug trafficking charges in the United States. She was convicted and sentenced to more than a decade in prison. However, her sentence was reduced due to her cooperation with authorities in providing information about other criminals.

After serving her time, Blanco was deported back to Colombia in 2004. She lived a relatively low-profile life until September 3, 2012, when she was shot and killed outside a butcher shop in MedellĂ­n. The motive behind her murder remains officially unclear, but it is believed to be related to ongoing drug cartel violence in the region.

Have you seen the Netflix show? What did you think of it?

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